Yungo Dr. Groot Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo Review

Let me introduce you my battle against hair loss, you can skip this to below if you are not interested but I suggest you not to do so because your hair loss problem might not be the same as mine, so it may not be suitable for you. Ages under 30, I have encounter hair loss problem quite seriously last year and I started researching for a product/shampoo to control my hair loss. I was looking for a product to control it instead of going for hair loss treatment program which I think most of them are just fraud, some might work but it may only works temporarily and they are freaking expensive! I opted for more natural ingredients/ways to battle with it.

It is very important that one finds out the reason of hair loss instead of spending tonnes of money on products that might not be suitable for you. For me, my reasons are pretty common, I am an engineer who always goes to site and I am required to tie up my long hair and wear safety helmet throughout the day. Long period of tying the hair up and covered with safety helmet makes my scalp feels sick and hair loss started. Although I wash my hair every day after work, my scalp starts to get oily in the next afternoon. This really irritates me a lot cause I look really ugly with oily hair...but, who looks good with oily hair..? Other than that, I do believe that mood and stress can cause hair loss too, because I was really stress from work last  year, I couldn't sleep well and my mood was badly affected. 

First, I've tried Rene Furtener Forticea shampoo, but I see no improvement on my hair and if I remember correctly, it became worse. I tried to treat it with pure coconut oil, it just makes my hair more oily!! 😤 I tried to scrub it with sea salt and it hurts my scalp, I feel that my hair dropped even more than before! Then I started to follow 女人我最大 吴依霖老师, I am so in love with her! She is a real professional hair designer as she will try all the products herself for months before she introduces them to the audiences. 

I found a brand that is fairly affordable among the products that 吴依霖老师 introduced, Yungo Dr. Groot!

I bought Dr. Groot at Changi Airport on Sept 2017 as it is the only physical place that sells this brand in Singapore. It is selling around S$22. First, I bought the green colour one to try as it is for oily hair, made from seven natural ingredients and silicone/paraben/sulfate surfactant free.  The scalp feels refreshing and cooling after using this shampoo. After using it for around two months, my oily scalp problem is under control, my scalp only gets oily around evening/night. This is really a great improvement that attracted me to repurchase it. 

When the scalp sebum is balanced, it is time to nourish the scalp. Then, I decided to buy the one that strengthens the hair root. I bought it after travelling back from my vacay at Changi Airport again. As I'm not sure which one is for root strengthening (all written in Korean), I asked the staff there and in the end, I bought the wrong one! I should have double confirmed it online before buying it, it all credited to me who believed that the staffs are trained. At the same time, I restock the green one as I have used more than half of the first bottle. The red one is for damaged hair.

So far I am using them alternatively every day because excessive oil control can cause the scalp sebum imbalance. I am not using any conditioner at the moment as I personally feel that conditioner will make my hair loss worse even I avoid the scalp when using it. I only use hair oil once in a couple of weeks and I do not feel my hair frizzy. Sometimes when I am not working and going anywhere, my hair does not feel greasy and I ever thought of washing my hair once in two days. It is really a dream for me to not washing my hair ever day because my friend living in Australia heard of my hair loss problem and asked me not to wash my hair every day. My friend from Europe was also shocked when he found out that I wash my hair every day when I work and travel at the United State. Is it possible to not wash your hair EVERY DAY when you live in tropical country like Singapore or Malaysia?! 😰

I went to Taipei last month and I bought other products of Dr. Groot again! This time I bought the correct one with Mandarin labeled '发根强健'! I have yet to try these and will share with y'all once I've tried it!

In conclusion, I like how it regulates the sebum of my scalp and so controls my hair loss problem. I do not feel the cooling effect now maybe because I have get used to it. My friend used it during our getaway trip to Ko Lipe on Hari Raya and she told me the shampoo is refreshing because she feels her scalp cooling after using it. 

Repurchase: Already did!
Recommend: Why not? I'm doing it now!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored, I bought the products with my own money and reviewed based on own experience.


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    1. Let me try out too - recently 2 months ago I started losing lots of hair due to coloring my hair a lot plus I don't eat much meat or eggs and I am losing lots of zinc too- I will purchase Dr.Groot shampoo from PC Home and waiting to use it when I get my order. And see maybe within 2 weeks I hope my hair stop falling and stay health and strong.Will update after 2-3 weeks of shampoo my hair.

    2. Hello there, how's your experience with Dr. Groot shampoo? Hope it is useful for you too.

  2. Thanks for sharing it! I have never heard about the brand but after reading your article, it gave me this thought I should try them out! I also had hair loss problem and just also want to share that Pump hair growth shampoos and conditioners are really good too!!! Try them and I want to hear your feedbacks too!!!

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